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Zola Law Offices, Inc.

About Us

Unparalleled Talent

Eleven of our attorneys have been selected as 2020 Super Lawyers, with one being recognized as among the Top 10 attorneys for our entire state, while four more have been recognized as among the Top 100 attorneys statewide. Another of our attorneys is among the Top 50 Females statewide, and two are Rising Stars. Best Lawyers in America has repeatedly named Zola Law Offices, Inc. as a Tier One Firm in the areas of product liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, and employment law. In 2019, Best Lawyers honored seven of our attorneys, and in 2018 one was named as Philadelphia Lawyer of the Year for Plaintiff’s Personal Injury. This was the fourth time that one of our Lawyers has been recognized as Lawyer of the Year in their field of practice.

About Us

Brain and Spinal Injuries

About us

Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that their property is safe for the public. For instance, property owners cannot leave ice that has built up on a sidewalk, keep leaky equipment in use as water puddles on the floor, or fail to repair broken parking lot pavements. When someone is injured because a commercial or private property owner has not fulfilled their important responsibility, the attorneys of Zola Law Offices, Inc. are here to help.

Product Liability

We have successfully taken on some of the biggest companies in the world. We conduct extensive technical research and work with the leading experts in each field of industry. To prove our case, we reenact accidents, develop computer models, and build prototypes of safer designs. We amass volumes of documents, sharing resources with other leading plaintiffs’ firms around the country, and then computer index the documents.

Newborn Metabolic Disorders

Babies with metabolic disorders, also called “inborn errors of metabolism,” can suffer devastating injuries when their metabolic condition is not diagnosed and treated promptly. Hospitals and doctors can identify newborns with metabolic disorders using a simple blood test – known as “newborn metabolic screening” – shortly after birth. When these disorders are identified early, babies will receive proper treatment that usually allows them to escape injury and live productive lives. However, if these diseases are not caught in time, they likely will cause lifelong disabilities.

Employment Law

Employment law covers the laws and regulations that govern employer-employee interactions and relationships. If you are dealing with difficult circumstances related to any of the above at your place of employment, you may have legal remedies available to you.  When our employment lawyers represent our clients for employment law issues, they focus on helping our clients to secure favorable resolutions and damages.

Truck Accidents

Aviation Disasters

Aviation disasters are among the most horrifying accidents that can happen. When a plane crash occurs, the attorneys at Zola Law Offices, Inc. will conduct a prompt in-depth investigation to assure that our clients obtain the maximum compensation for their losses. We represent victims in all types of aviation accidents, including those involving commercial airliners, private aircraft, helicopters, jets, turboprop aircraft, seaplanes, ultralights, experimental aircraft and others. Our team of aviation lawyers is led by Chuck, who is a licensed pilot.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents often occur when workers on construction sites are faced with dangerous conditions. Although federal and state regulations are designed to keep workers safe, accidents and injuries can still happen on a regular basis, especially when foremen and/or property owners disregard those regulations or act negligently.

Our Practice Areas

Work Accidents

The law guarantees every American worker the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Tragically, that promise is broken every day in workplaces all across our country. For decades, workers and their families have turned to Zola Law Offices, Inc. to investigate whether a lawsuit can and should be filed after serious or fatal accidents that took place on the job.

Civil Rights

At Zola Law Offices, Inc. we pride ourselves on our commitment to preserving civil rights by fighting discrimination and racism by private companies and the government. The Firm’s civil rights practice is led by Harold Goodman, who is widely recognized for his skill in the courtroom and on appeals. Mr. Goodman has successfully tried complex discrimination cases to verdict. He has succeeded in every client’s case he has argued before the United States Supreme Court.